How to Activate Mcafee antivirus

In this age of globalization computer has become an integral part of our life. In different sector to simplifyvarious online transactions and other communicative tasks, we need it in daily basis. To protect all the information stored in our computer a suitable antivirus is important. An antivirus not only protects our personal information,but also helps us in eliminating many online threats. Also with the growing possibilities of cybercrime it is clearly getting more important to install an antivirus package.

McAfee is one of the most efficient companies of antivirus software. It is a global American computer security software,first started its journey from the year 1987. In the early years this company is first founded by john Mcafee, who left the company in 1994. Formerly known as the Mcafee associates (1987-2014) later after Intel bought the company the name changed to Intel security group. The Headquarter of this company is situated in SantaClara of California where Mcafee started their journey for the first time.

Steps to activate Mcafee antivirus software

  • We have to select the start option first, and open the control panel from there. Then click on the program option
  • We will search for Mcafee, from  the browser of our device
  • Removal of any old version of antivirus should be done before the browsing.
  • Several links will appear while browsing. Choose the one which appears most suitable for your device. You can do this by going through the software version specifications.
  • Before selecting the software we have to go through all the specification before making a decision according to our requirement and download the software.
  • We have to save the .exe zip file in our drive after downloading.
  • Double click the installed programme in the zip file and click on the option run.
  • Several message of the installation progression will appear, to which we have to click Ok to make the changes.
  • We have to choose our preferred language and click the submit option.
  • To set up the Mcafee account our login credential should be entered.
  • Here you will have to enter a registration pass code which have already been mailed to the registered email id.
  • Once the code is accepted, you can easily activate the software and run it on the device.

Once the activation process is over, we can change the programme setting according to our preference. In case the installed version gets old, there is always the option to update it into a new version. If there is any difficulty or malfunction of the programme we can always take the help of mcafee customer care phone number. There are a number of experts and professionals working twenty four hours a day to give you the service without any disruption so that the software can be smoothly run.

We always search for a compatible antivirus for with the qualities like tight security, reasonable cost,fixes malware and spyware problems etc. Mcafee is one of the few software with all the good qualities required in a compatible antivirus.

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