How many devices can we use with McAfee Antivirus?

For a number of people who are looking for security solutions, the Mcafee software is a wise choice because it is feature packed and is suitable for personal and professional use. These days, when we are working on the internet round the clock, it has become very important to make sure that our data is very well protected. This is made possible only when you have a reputable antivirus software on your device. There are many companies which have developed high quality software but the most compatible one will be the software which have the maximum number of necessary features. There are various versions of the mcafee software and they all have variety of features that are very useful for all kinds of users. However in rare occasions when the user is unable to manage the software on their own, there are some other ways in which they can manage the functioning, one such being the mcafee customer care number.

One of the most frwquently asked query by clients is the number of devices they can run on mcafee after subscribing, this is major concern of many people who have opted for the premium version of the software. To make the most of the available features, many wish to run the software on multiple devices on a single purchase. Mcafee have also enabled this and you can mention the number of devices on which you want to install the premium version you are purchasing and pay for the premium subscription accordingly. Depending on the number of devices the software will be used, the charges will be determined accordingly.

However, do note that a software versions designed for windows can be used for windows and android and mac os altogether. In such situation separate versions which are designed for the specific os have to be purchased. However, when you have devices operating on the same os, the same version can be used on multiple devices and a single purchase will be sufficient. For example, if you have a desktop, laptop and smart phone that operates using IOS, then you can use a single version of the software for all of them.

This is a flexibility which is an unique feature of the mcafee software and add to its popularity. Many people prefer mcafee solely because it is flexible and have a cost effective price point at the same time packed with various features. If you are new to the mcafee interface, the best thing to do would be opting for McAfee Customer Care Phone Number in case you have any trouble with installing the single purchase software version on multiple devices. The professionals will be able to guide you and give you an idea about why this trouble is happening. They can even solve it and ensure you are able to smoothly enjoy the features and services of the software at anytime and anywhere. Your device will never again get hampered due to security reasons when you have mcafee at your support.

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